Embracing the Power of Omnichannel Experience


Keith Barber, Director of Digital 客户体验 at Tyson Foods 同台演出 执行合伙人保罗·利马 在Digital Food的一次演讲中 & 2023年饮料 What to Do After you’ve Built your Digital Foundation: A Manufacturer’s Perspective in Delivering World-class Experience 和 Loyalty

Keith is the first person at Tyson to hold his title – 和 he isn’t alone. Over 75% of the audience we polled at the conference were also the first in their organization to hold their title. 做一个有远见的人并不容易.

Before Keith started in his new position, Tyson struggled to get the ball rolling on anything digital. There were a “trail of bodies” that had dared to venture down the digital path but nobody had succeeded in breaking the inertia or building a business case for digital. Keith inherited a website 和 not much else.

Early on in the journey, Tyson began a partnership with 秘鲁首都利马 Consulting Group. Tyson sough out LCG to provide a roadmap for a digital foundation 和 a digital strategy. 使用 LCG平衡计分卡bet36体育注册化转型成熟度模型, Keith was able to define what digital meant at Tyson 和 define a way to keep score.



使用新度量, Digital Marketing’s Contribution to Sales, Keith was able to transtition away from “having a bake sale outside the front door to raise money for technology”. With a proven methodology 和 business case in h和, the inertia began to break 和 accelerating a digital foundation became realistic at Tyson.


Tyson’ s 数据准备 posture progress from 2018 – 2023, mapped on the LCG Curve of Automation

在一起, LCG 和 Tyson continued to craft an omni-channel customer journey further down the acqusition & 转化漏斗. “When we started the process we knew maybe 8,000 customers. Today, over 200,000 are actively engaged.” With the top of the funnel capabilities activated, Tyson began to seek ways to find its customers more efficiently 和 build effective ways to influence their path to purchase.

One of the insights Keith shared was the value of being okay to seek alternatives to digital in parts of the customer journey where it just doesn’t make sense. “98% of our customers say they want to be digital, until they don’t. They’ll entertain your chat function for about two minutes, until that doesn’t give the answer. And then they start hitting the zero button on the phone 和 want to talk to a person. So we’re really thinking through the approach to the customer experience, 和 making sure we show up right for that customer.”

Tyson strengthened the purchasing intent of its customers across the market with an accelerated content velocity 和 high-quality customer experiences, all driven by an increased 数据准备 posture. However, there’s a difference between a short-term customer 和 a loyal customer. The value of a dedicated customer is exceptionally high, especially in Tyson’s margin-slim business.

Seeking to drive loyalty, Tyson once again turned to its partnership with 秘鲁首都利马 Consulting Group. LCG进行了多部门合作, multi-disciplinary design thinking workshop to help Tyson uncover the loyalty-driving value it could offer to its customers. Reflecting on the use of design thinking at Tyson, Keith said:

“Whether you sell B2B or B2C, you certainly sell B2H – business to human. Design thinking really moved the needle 和 helped us empathize with the customer. I see it moving beyond my group 和 into other groups, 无论是销售团队, 和 other customer facing teams…that we are starting with customers, 和 we’re changing the way we think about our marketing. 我们把他们的需求放在第一位, we’re starting with their needs 和 deliberately invoking empathy at every step of our process to design customer experiences that makes their lives better 和 easier.”

Tyson is re-writing the playbook in its industry. One-size fits all loyalty is no longer relevant. “This is really very little about technology. It’s all about process – a lot more about change management 和 people.”

LCG offered free assessments to conference attendees on 数据准备 内容供应链. We’re excited to continue to offer the assessments through the end of the Summer of 2023. 自由评价 张贴在



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