by using our customer experience

by using our customer experience

位置 你自己 成功 清晰表达胜利 残雪的策略 

If 你 a senior leader responsible for getting results, you know that inertia can come from any number of places. That's why we built a business helping 变革推动者 和 visionaries break the inertia. Our most effective tool to help senior leaders accelerate their customer experience transformation lies in the way we've crafted our models 和 frameworks. 自2004年以来, our customer experience strategies 和 services have helped organizations accelerate their desired business outcomes. 

Our customer experience methodology is comprehensive. It's multi-disciplinary. 这是不同学科间的. It spans all the dynamic dimensions necessary to get customer experience transformation done.  

客户体验 转换 Maturity Model


要面向投资 in Purpose, Performance, People, Process,平台 in support of existing 和 新的商业模式 to 更有效地 吸引客户 at every touchpoint with your br和. 


  • Typically requires the client to have c级 involvement in championing customer experience transformation.
  • Includes deliverables such as a three to five-year roadmap, business case,情景规划 to assess 和 recommend the 最佳商业模式 为你.
  • 典型的好处: Your customer experience transformation business case is fully funded, 广泛的支持, 得到结果.
  • 典型的结果: 你的组织会 理解获得对齐 在 desired business outcomes 和 their associated key performance indicators.

Design 认为ing for 客户体验 转换


你怎么知道 准备好 利用 设计思考?  

Leverage 设计思考 when your organization is experiencing difficulty 定义问题,获得一致; or trying to do something new. 

Strategists, practitioners, creatives, IT leaders, marketers, 和 legal all come to the table viewing the problem 和 opportunity through the lens of their particular discipline.思维的多样性; 虽然对 解决方案, can make it difficult for teams to 获得共识definition of the problem. 其中一种方法 设计思考 experts talk about the methodology is that it rises above the language of each of your subject matter experts to provide a common language for problem definition 和 the resulting pathways forward.

Our facilitators are trained to drive consensus.

的y 利用 设计思考 best practices 和 practical exercises that are both fun 和 engaging. Participants learn to articulate the story 和 sell the vision because they helped write the story 和 establish the vision. 

In developing consensus, your ambassadors are better positioned to articulate the vision.  Your 中性色 may become ambassadors because they've been a part of the pathway forward. 但最终 政变 is when some of your detractors become some of your 最大的支持者 because their opinions were heard. Rally your organization around your wicked problem. Exp和 ownership of the problem 和 solution. Claim a multi-departmental victory. 

为什么 Virtual Design 认为ing Workshops are Better than in person with Tyson Foods

Taken from bet36亚洲体育's presentation Digital Foundations to Transform 客户体验s Through 流程优化 在Signavio World 2020

  • 不像很多 设计思考 facilitators who have a bias towards getting to a prototype, our approach will spend as much time as necessary to define 和 获得共识 在 problem before we start developing solutions.
  • LCG will help cast a wide net while conducting stakeholder interviews 和 involving those key stakeholders early in the process to effectively get ideas 在 table from advocates, 中性色, 甚至诋毁者.
  • 许多 变革推动者 谁雇佣了 LCG to help drive consensus have stated that the wide net of involvement drove enterprise-wide accountability. "Your" project became "our" project. And it's that sense of ownership that leads to the one team approach. 一起赢一场.
  • Deliverables may include stakeholder interviews, pre-workshop surveys, market research, 和competitive intelligence. In preparation for the workshop(s), we will identify the dimensions of the problem, associated decision criteria, 和 guiding principles in order to facilitate effective, 定制的练习.
  • Typical benefits include 获得对齐bet36体育注册化未来 the organization wishes to create 和 the specific pain 和 value that the initiative will address.